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mental health

The Ten Best Foods For Mental Health

When it comes to balancing brain chemistry and supporting mental health through foods and herbs – there is no single right way to do it. As I’ve stated a million times over, everyone’s physiology is different and will come into

human milk and the gut microbiome

Breast Milk’s Connection to the Gut Microbiome

Human milk is considered the perfect food for infants and is the recommended sole source of nutrition for at least the first sixth months of the infant’s life. After this, complementary foods should be introduced, but continuing to provide human

cider mocktail

Minty-Ginger Cider Mocktail

Fall mocktails are truly the best! With a beautiful combo of mint, apple, ginger, cinnamon, & even aloe vera leaf (to promote good gut health), you’ll enjoy sipping this drink all autumn long! Prep Time10 min Total Time10 min Cuisine


Pineapple Collagen-Boosting Gummies

These tasty homemade gummies are great for skin, hair, & joint health! Gelatin is a protein supplement sourced from bovine collagen, and serves as an incredible source of absorbable protein, containing a valuable mix of amino acids. It also supports

natural remedies for anxiety

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

As a mental health focused naturopathic doctor, one of the most popular questions I get is “what are natural remedies for anxiety?” This question is usually well-meaning but the problem with it is that it assumes a quick fix for


Natural Remedies for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial–like tissue grows outside of the uterine cavity. While there is currently no cure for endometriosis, certain factors have been shown to be helpful in the management of this condition. Here are a few


The Mood Solution

It’s been a tough couple of years. We’ve all had to re-adjust to a new normal, which has led to changes in routine, stress, uncertainty and isolation. These changes have been hard to say the least. As we try to


Cut The Caffeine?

I know you might be one of those “I need my morning coffee” types of people, but I wanted to share with you a few reasons why you might want to re-consider that cup of coffee. While caffeine does have