Break Your Limiting Beliefs & Become the Hero of Your Story | Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS

In celebration of WellnStrong’s 50th podcast episode, I have invited a very special guest to the podcast this week. He is widely recognized for his work in the fields of natural medicine and nutrition, and more recently, in educating his audience in how to develop a growth mindset. He has been an inspiration to me and has had a profoundly positive impact in the lives of thousands of people who have decided to lead healthier lifestyles. I am excited to introduce Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, who is a doctor of chiropractic medicine, a certified doctor of natural medicine and a clinical nutritionist. Dr. Axe shares my passion to help people live a healthy lifestyle – in body, mind, and spirit.

His website,, is among the most frequently visited natural health websites in the world. Dr. Axe is also a bestselling author. His books include “Eat Dirt,” “Ancient Remedies, and “the Keto Diet,” all of which focus on how to improve your health through the consumption of natural foods, and by choosing holistic and natural methods for healing. In our conversation today, Dr. Axe and I discuss his newest book, Think This Not That, in which he unpacks the top twelve mental barriers that can prevent people from realizing their full potential.

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