Why SSRIs Are Ineffective & Dangerous for Depression | Dr. Roger McFillin, Psy.D., ABPP

Despite being formally trained in evidence-based treatments and achieving Board Certification in Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychologists, Dr. Roger McFillin has witnessed countless individuals deteriorate under these supposedly “best available evidence” recommendations. Many who turned to drugs and medical interventions to improve their mental health worsened dramatically. In an attempt to resolve the conflict between what he was seeing in clinical practice and what he was told to be safe and effective, Dr. McFillin immersed himself in scientific literature, delved into ancient philosophy, and scrutinized historical texts. His revelations were astounding. Much of the current scientific base that informs psychiatry and the mental health field is infected with corruption and bias.

Dr. McFillin now shares his experience, and addresses the pervasive issues that threaten to take away our medical freedoms in his captivating Radically Genuine Podcast. Join me in this episode as Dr. McFillin and I discuss topics including dispelling some of the myths around depression being a chemical imbalance, the over-use of prescription medications, and some of the issues today that are threatening to take away our medical freedom.

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