How To Heal From Heartbreak, Love Your Single Life, & Live Your Best Life | Stephanie May Wilson

Today’s episode is very special to me because I am speaking with someone who has had a profound impact on my life.  She is an encourager, a source of  inspiration, and a special friend. I’m so excited to share our conversation with you.  Stephanie May Wilson is an author and a popular podcaster who is on a mission to help women navigate through their biggest decisions in life. Through her books, podcasts, and online courses, Stephanie teaches women how to  manage the the big questions in life — what is my life “supposed to” look like by now, what do I want to accomplish in my life and what steps must I take to get achieve my goals. She has been featured on NBC, the Anthropologie blog, and in Relevant magazine. She has also been a longtime contributor to CNBC’s Nightly Business Report, Darling magazine, and the Christian Mingle blog. When she’s not writing, speaking, or recording a podcast episode, Stephanie is usually packing for a global adventure with her husband, Carl, laughing with her close tribe of girlfriends, or curled up in her Nashville home with her twin toddlers, Annie and Quinn. I hope my conversation with Stephanie encourages you, especially if you find yourself experiencing a season of heartbreak, are struggling with comparison, or even just wondering what to do when God seems silent.

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