Healing with Frequency Medicine | Dr. Chris Motley, DC, DABCA

Joining me today is Dr. Chris Motley, a Doctor of Chiropractic and a certified practitioner in acupuncture, applied kinesiology, clinical kinesiology, and liver methylation therapy. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Motley treats patients in-person and through virtual consultations worldwide. Dr. Motley’s treatment approach integrates various modalities. He employs Chinese Medicine, bio-resonance therapy, herbal remedies, emotional processing, cranial therapy, and kinesiology techniques. In this episode, Dr. Motley and I discuss unique forms of therapy like frequency medicine that are used to address complex health issues such as Lyme disease, parasites, and chronic viral infections. We also discuss how emotions can influence the onset and trajectory of diseases, and the importance of optimizing our detox pathways to maintain optimal health.

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