How to Reduce Inflammation, Detoxify Your Body, & Accelerate Healing with Lymphatic Massage | Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC

In the words of Dr. Perry Nickelston, “If you’re stuck in fight or flight, everything gets stuck, including your ability to heal.” Dr. NIckelston, DC, also known as ‘The Lymph Doc’, is a chiropractor whose primary focus is treating chronic pain and inflammation via the lymphatic and vascular systems. He is the founder of Stop Chasing Pain, an educator of the self-care MOJO series, and an international speaker. Dr. Perry specializes in Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and is trained by the American Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. After healing from a severe back injury and autoimmune disease, Dr. Perry dedicated himself to offering these self-care approaches to others. In this interview, Dr. Perry and I discuss the root causes of inflammation and how to strengthen your immune function, accelerate detoxification, and resolve chronic pain and disease by opening up and moving your lymphatic system. It was such an interesting and information-packed conversation, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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