How Your Sleep Position Impacts Your Health | Dr. Peter Martone, DC

Even if you’re not tossing and turning all night, chances are you could still get better sleep. Today I’m speaking with Dr. Peter Martone, the owner of Atlantis Chiropractic Wellness Centers. Dr. Peter Martone is an educator, injury prevention specialist and patient care health practitioner who has been focused on improving patients’ biomechanics for over 24 years. During his private practice as a chiropractor, Dr Martone always believed that the structure of your spine effects the function of the central nervous system and this interference is at the root cause of most of the chronic problems people face. Dr. Martone now uses this principle as the cornerstone to help people Get W.A.Y. Better Sleep. His techniques have been featured on CBS, NBC, & Fox News. He currently travels the country teaching people how to regain their health in the bed by getting WAY Better Sleep. In our conversation, we discuss some actionable tips on how to improve sleep and HRV, the best posture to sleep in for the best sleep, how to deal with insomnia, & some of the best supplements to support better sleep.

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