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The Connection Between Your Gut Health & Immune System

The immune system is a group of cells and molecules that protect us from disease by monitoring our body and responding to any foreign substances that are perceived as threats. Our immune systems work with our gut bacteria in a


Our Gut Health’s Role In Our Overall Health

Your gastrointestinal tract plays a critical and quite obvious role in your health – transporting food from the mouth to the stomach, converting it into nutrients and energy, and eliminating waste from the body. However, did you know that your

gut microbiome and our health

The Gut Microbiome And Our Health

There’s a garden growing inside you. Each of us are home to millions of tiny microorganisms that help us digest our food, protect us from disease and perform many other functions essential for life and good health. We call this

healthy pumpkin cookie dough

Healthy Pumpkin Cookie Dough

This healthy edible pumpkin cookie dough is an easy, eggless and raw cookie dough recipe to eat anytime! Enjoy it as a flourless dessert or snack packed with protein! Plus it’s gluten-free & dairy-free! Check out the recipe below! Prep

healthy pumpkin blizzard

Dairy Queen Cookie Dough Pumpkin Blizzard (Healthy Version)

This healthy version of the dairy-queen pumpkin cookie dough blizzard is the perfect treat to satisfy your pumpkin and ice cream cravings! It was inspired by my incredible friend Dani – check her out here!  Prep Time10 min Cook Time15

leaky gut

5 Ways Leaky Gut Wrecks Your Microbiome

Did you know that there are more bacteria in us and on us than there are of our own human cells? That includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more. These microorganisms play an important role in your overall health and make

health for the holidays

Your Guide to Physical and Emotional Health for the Holidays

Don’t just survive the holiday season, set yourself up to thrive! The season has officially arrived holding all the joys, pains, fears, expectations, anxieties, to-do lists and other challenges we are ANTICIPATING. Maybe, just maybe THIS holiday season can be

healing your gut after chemotherapy

Healing Your Gut After Chemotherapy

If you’ve been through chemotherapy, you’ve likely experienced the impact of treatment on your digestive system. In fact, some of the most notorious side-effects of chemotherapy come as a direct result of the irritation and damage that is caused by


Top 4 Supplements for Prenatal Health

Eating a wide-variety of nutrient-dense foods throughout pregnancy is the best way to ensure you’re providing the best for you and your growing baby. However, the reality is most of us have challenges that prevent us from eating optimally –