The 5 Best Ways to Master Your Mindset

It’s no secret that your mind can play tricks and games with you – if you let it!  You can move from a fixed mindset to an abundant one and it’s all up to you. Our minds are amazing. You have the ability to dream bigger, love deeper and accomplish more than you ever thought possible when you master your mindset. Here are five tips for mastering your mindset. 

Realize Everything Must Percolate 

It’s important to let your heart and mind brew powerful ideas and dreams.  When you wake up to what is possible, you realize that you are in control of living your best life each and every moment. Bring your authentic you each moment and remember your worth. Equally important is learning how we navigate intentional and unforeseen changes.  Remember your value and as you let moments and choices percolate, know that change is in your hands. Everything must percolate.   

Have a Vision

Do you have a vision statement for your life? Vision statements are powerful tools that we use at The Best Ever You Network to help people align or re-align themselves to their values, dreams, and goals. When you amplify your energy and focus on your future, you own your power.  At Best Ever You, we offer vision statement sessions with our clients. These are powerful one-on-one sessions with our executive team that create long-lasting, transformative results.  You go where you place your energy. 

Be a Life-Long Learner

Keeping your mind active and engaged is a crucial tool for mindset mastery. Reading, growing, and expanding your knowledge, skills and attitudes enriches your life. Best Ever You offers journals, books, courses, coaching and conferences to keep your brain working, thinking and pondering what’s best, what’s next and what the future could hold.  Do at least one thing each day that shifts your energy into learning something new. 

Focus on Gratitude, Self-Love, and Self-Worth

Know and embrace these three words: gratitude, self-love, and self-worth. Whether you meditate, journal, or follow Best Ever You’s Percolate Daily, the habit of finding gratitude daily centers you to bring you peace and a sense of calm.  You can set yourself up for success each and every day by focusing on the things, people and moments you are grateful for. Practice what we call “The Gratitude Flip”. This will change your perspective.  This flip turns negatives into positives and roots you deeper into a gratitude mindset. Your perspective shifts when you flip a situation or issue around and think with your heart. 

Sparkle More

Above all, HAVE FUN!!! Moment matter. Enjoy the moments along the way. Celebrate the small stuff with smiles, shimmies, and imaginary glitter.  Your mindset will be infinitely better, because every time you celebrate YOU, you unleash positive endorphins, joy, and sparkle from within.  You have a choice in each moment to be positive.  You have a choice in each moment of how to behave.  Choose Joy. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You! 

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