Why Words Matter & How They Are Impacting Your Health

Recently, I came across several quotes on Pinterest that got me thinking.

“Flaunt your flaws.”

“My imperfections make me a masterpiece.”

“The human body is perfectly imperfect.” 

I became aware of the negative impact that this kind of language has on the mind.

You wouldn’t think so because these expressions sound positive, right? Probably not, but I made this video below to help you understand why!

Because here is what’s easy to miss:

Whenever you find yourself repeating and believing certain words or phrases, it’s important to think critically about everything that your words imply, and the thought patterns and stories that this creates in your mind. 

I’m sure the intention behind these words is positive.

But, if you begin to believe these statements, you will also start to feel, on some level, that you have flaws and imperfections.

And, subconsciously, your mind will begin to find things “wrong” with your body. 

If it’s true that wherever you put your attention, your energy goes, then constantly telling yourself to flaunt your flaws engages the mind to keep looking for flaws. In other words, if you tell yourself that you have imperfections and your body isn’t perfect exactly as it is, your mind will continue to look for proof that this is true. The mind is a fascinating thing! It is programmed to look for evidence of its beliefs.

If you’re wondering whether reading these quotes is detrimental to your wellbeing, the answer is probably not.

But when you read them over and over again, when you continuously have these words looping in your subconscious mind, it starts to influence your lifestyle habits. Downplaying the effect of the messages you see daily is just like saying, “it’s just one serving of ice cream.” We know that artificial sugar, preservatives, and certain foods cause inflammation. Will it kill you to have it once?

No. But consuming these foods continuously over time creates health problems.

And we don’t just consume food; we’re always consuming words and information. 

The average person spends about four hours a day on their devices, and it’s impossible to keep track of all the information that’s unknowingly filtering into your subconscious mind!

You don’t need to abandon technology, but being mindful of what you consume (and how much) can drastically change your emotional and mental states. 

For example, the most subtle changes in your word choice have been scientifically proven to change your brain.

That means one small shift in your language can create an entire change in your perception. When your perception shifts, you create an entirely different mindset, with different thoughts and emotions.

And if your language changes your thoughts, then your thoughts change your emotions, which influences your behavior. It’s an entire domino effect!

Language is powerful, and the way that you use it, either consciously or unconsciously, has a direct impact on your health.

As the Persian poet, Hafiz once said,

The words you speak become the house you live in.

Every word that comes across the screen of your mind influences your brain, which impacts your body.

Any word that flashes on the screen of your device is directly affecting your mind and body. 

You probably read about it all the time, but maybe it’s time to try a digital detox. Perhaps it’s time to hit unsubscribe to things that aren’t entirely positive and motivating.

If you read an article, a blog, or listen to a podcast, take a moment to notice how your body responds to it.

Ask yourself if that’s something you want to allow into your mind and if you’re willing to have it impact who you become.

Sending you so much love!






Newberg, Andrew and Mark Waldman, “The Most Dangerous Word in the World,” August 1, 2012, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/words-can-change-your-brain/201208/the-most-dangerous-word-in-the-world.

 (Newberg and Waldman, “The Most Dangerous Word)


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